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On Anne of Green Gables giving up her dreams (or not)

“It’s okay that Anne Shirley never became a writer,” offers Anya Jaremko-Greenwold in a recent Los Angeles Review of Books article cropping up on my Facebook feed. Women who loved Anne of Green Gables weighed in: “it’ll never be okay” (me), in defense of the wife/motherhood Anne chose (others), “I sort of get it” (my friend).

For those of us who hold this book as tightly as Anne Shirley holds everything, Anne will always be a mirror.  Continue reading

Paleolithic cave drawing, Chauvet Cave. Werner Herzog, Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

On the hand of the spirit, or where the inspiration came and went

There is an anecdote from Werner Herzog’s 2010 documentary film Cave of Forgotten Dreams that comes back to me often. Searching for the answer to the 30,000 year old riddle on the cave wall, Herzog interviews several impassioned eccentrics. Among them is unicyclist-turned archeologist, Julien Monmey, who tells a story of how a Western ethnographer and his Aboriginal guide came across a decaying rock painting in the Australian bush. The Aboriginal, saddened by the painting’s deterioration, began to touch it up, and the ethnographer, disturbed, asked “Why are you painting?” The Aboriginal said,  “I am not painting. It is the hand of the spirit who is painting.” Continue reading

2 Dimensional Life of Her, Fur Elise Noble. The Publice Theater's Under the Radar Festival

On Under the Radar’s “2 Dimensional Life of Her”

Below is my review of the multimedia mind-melt 2 Dimensional Life of Her, currently showing through January 20th as part of the Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival. If you are in the NYC area and enjoy beautiful hallucinations, you should see this show! (Aside: Speaking of hallucinations, I was determined to get this review in last night but somehow managed to stay up the entire night watching Whitney Houston clips and cat videos and only managed to start writing at the break of dawn. Continue reading