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On Leaving for the Parasol Paradise in the Sky

It was a cool, spring evening after the rains when I first saw you in Union Square. You were leaning heavily against the brick wall of the Barnes & Noble. Nothing housed in that cathedral of words could have matched the poetry of your slant, the pathos of your solitude. You had been left–but why? When I unfurled you like an early rose, you were strong. Under your bright, geometric blues and whites, the gray sky became again the vault of heaven. I took you home that day. Continue reading


On Bic’s girlie-pens

Bic’s girlie-pens have transported Amazon reviewers to a glittering apex of sarcasm, much to the gratitude of bored office workers and bloggers everywhere. (And imagine, dear reader, your indebtedness if you happen to be both, like I am.) But it seems the only discernible sin Bic committed was committing itself–by explicitly labeling the pens “For Her.” If it weren’t for that artless caveat, these pastel pens would have gone ignored just like pink razors, chartreuse hammers, puce penknives and whatever else people like me slap some lazy branding on to sell to…well, other people like me. Continue reading